General Assembly Members

Department Head

Dimitrios Karpouzas

Professor, Enviromental Microbiology & Biotechnology

Department Deputy Head

Katerina Μoutou

Associate Professor, Vertebrate Biology

Zissis MamurisProfessor of Animal Population Genetics
Dimitris KomiotisProfessor of Organic Chemistry - Synthesis of Bioactive Molecules
Dimitrios KouretasProfessor of Animal Physiology
Demetres D. LeonidasProfessor of Biochemistry
Kostas MathiopoulosProfessor of Molecular Biology
Kalliope PapadopoulouProfessor of Plant Biotechnology
Grigorios AmoutziasAssociate Professor of Bioinformatics in Genomics
Dimitrios MossialosAssοciate Professor, Microbial Biotechnology
Georgios PapadopoulosAssociate Professor of Biophysics
Anna-Maria PsarraAssociate Professor of Biochemistry
Sotirios VasileiadisAssistant Professor Microbial Molecular-Ecology/ Genomics
Antonios GiakountisAssistant Professor of Molecular Biology- Genomics
Persephoni GiannouliAssistant Professor of Technology and Quality Control of Food of Plant Origine
Emily ZifaAssistant Professor of Biology - Neurobiology
Maria KontouAssistant Professor of Protein Chemistry
Kalliopi LiadakiAssistant Professor of Biochemical Pharmacology
Nikolaos BalatsosAssistant Professor of Biochemistry
Stamatia PapoutsopoulouAssistant Professor of Molecular Immunology
Theologia SarafidouΑssistant Professor of Animal Molecular Genetics
Vasiliki SkamnakiAssistant Professor of Biochemistry-Metabolism
Dimitrios StagosAssistant Professor of Animal Physiology
Daniela ΤsikouAssistant Professor of Molecular & Developmental Plant Biology

Eleftheria NteliouRegular Member (Special Teaching Staff)
Sotirios Marras
Regular Member (Technical and Scientific Staff representative)
Constantinos Stamatis
Substitute Member (Technical and Scientific Staff representative)
Ioanna GargalianouRegular Member (Educational Biology Laboratory Assistant)

E. LagosRepresentatives of Postgraduate Students-Doctoral Candidates
(Regular Member)
M. FekaRepresentatives of Postgraduate Students-Doctoral Candidates
(Regular Member)
D. ZiogasRepresentatives of Postgraduate Students-Doctoral Candidates
(Substitute Member)

Undergraduate Student Representatives: Not designated

Committees of the Department

  1. Academic Planning and Studies Program Committee: K. Moutou, K. Papadopoulou, D. Leonidas, K. Mathiopoulos, Th. Sarafidou
  2. Equipment and Infrastructure Committee: D. Komiotis, D. Karpouzas, V. Skamnaki, P. Giannouli
  3. Ethics Committee: K. Mathiopoulos, G. Papadopoulos, G. Amoutzias
  4. Research Planning Committee: D. Leonidas, D. Kouretas, D. Karpouzas, N. Balatsos
  5. Committee for the Promotion of the Department and Connection with the Society: K. Papadopoulou, D. Kouretas, M. Kontou, K. Liadaki, G. Amoutzias, N. Balatsos, Th. Sarafidous, A. Giakountis
  6. Ethics and code of conduct committee: G. Papadopoulos, D. Komiotis, D. Stagos
  7. Doctoral study committee: D. Kouretas, D. Mossialos, G. Amoutzias, A. Moutou, A.-M. Psarra
  8. OMEA-Ιnternal Assessment Group: A-M. Psarra, D. Stagos, A. Giakountis, D. Tsikoy, V. Pantazis
  9. Catering Commitie: A. Zifa
  10. Quality Assurance Unit-Hellenic Quality and Accreditation Agency: V. Pantazis
  11. Undergraduate Programme of Studies Certification Platform Manager: V. Pantazis

Participation of Faculty Members to University Committees

  1. Committee for Strategic Planning: D. Leonidas (Deputy: D. Karpouzas)
  2. Library Committee: M. Kontou (Deputy: A. Zifa)
  3. International Relations Committee: K. Mathiopoulos (Deputy: D. Karpouzas)
  4. Commission for Cultural Exchange and European Educational Programmes: D. Mosialos (Deputy: G. Amoutzias)
  5. Research Committee: K. Moutou (Deputy: K. Papadopoulou)
  6. Quality Assurance Unit: T. Sarafidou (Deputy member)