Student Advisors

Certain members of the academic staff of the Department have been selected by the Assembly to be student advisors. The role of the advisor is the timely management of possible difficulties concerning the students which arise during their studies.

For example, the student advisor:

  • Directs students during their studies to discuss potential difficulties and jointly explore optimal solutions and options.
  • Defines in collaboration with the student the optimal course attendance and examination in case of delays.
  • Advises the students regarding optional courses and the diploma project based on their interests, goals and skills.
  • Suggests possible solutions or motivates the student to contact the University Student Counseling services in case of personal difficulties that affect their performance and studies.

The student advisors for the academic year 2022-23 are the following:

1st year: Associate Professor Grigorios Amoutzias, Assistant Professor Nikolaos Balatsos
2nd year: Associate Professor Dimitrios Mossialos, Assistant Professor Vasiliki Skamnaki
3rd year: year: Assistant Professor Maria Kontou, Assistant Professor Daniela Tsikou
4th year: Professor Dimitrios Kouretas, Professor Kalliope Papadopoulou

The students can schedule a meeting with their advisors during the designated hours of cooperation with the students.