The research laboratories of the department offer specialized services to public and private sectors, with the approval and administration of the Research Committee of the University of Thessaly.


Genetics, Comparative & Evolutionary Biology


  • Opti Feed Services: An integrated analytical approach for the determination of the digestibility in vitro and the bioavailability of dietary proteins of ingredients and fish feeds for fish farming.
  • TraceIT!: A suite of molecular methods that support the traceability of raw materials, foods and feeds of animal origin along the production and processing chain from the farm to fork.
  • Game species screening: The genetic characterization of game species before they are approved for releasing in the wild. The service is available both for game and fowl and is an integral part of the national regulation system for game releases supervised by the Greek Ministry of Agriculture Development and Food.

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Animal Physiology


  • Measurement of a set of biomarkers in a blood sample that are related to critical gene expression (and have been linked to oxidative stress, cytoprotection, anti-aging, inflammation).
  • Study of the product’s origin and quality in order to provide better information to the company producing or marketing the products so as to be able to evaluate its suppliers and set accordingly the market prices.
  • Evaluation of various nutritional supplements and foods using a wide variety of in vitro methods, cell line experiments, and in vivo studies. This leads to the creation of a product certification file.
  • Development of biofunctional foods and components for the cosmetic industry. In addition, synthetic molecules are analyzed for their medicinal properties.
  • Laboratory analysis of global agricultural products for the new innovative European AFQ certification mark.

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Structural & Functional Biochemistry


  • Evaluation of bioactive molecules for anti hyperglycaemic effects.
  • Evaluation of potent selective steroid receptors’ modulators.
  • Determination of the 3D structure of protein – ligand complexes using X-ray crystallography.
  • Production of functional hybrid biomolecules with structural parts of natural or synthetic origin.
  • Novel food design studies-Discovery of novel techniques for production and preservation of safe foods.
  • Food quality assessment and organoleptic tests.

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Plant & Environmental Biotechnology


  • Determination of the microbiome in soil, plant, food samples using amplicon sequencing approaches and bioinformatic tools.
  • Assessment of the population of soil borne fungal pathogens in agricultural soils using diagnostic q-PCR tools.
  • Assessment of the environmental fate of pesticides in the frame of the environmental risk assessment.
  • Determination of the toxicity of pesticides on soil microorganisms based on relevant OECD protocols.
  • Molecular identification of microorganisms, pathogenic or beneficial, from soil, plant and food samples.

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  • Bioinformatics analyses, Machine Learning and predictions from Biological data, statistical analysis.

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