Psarra Anna-Maria

Associate Professor

Biochemistry | 2410-565221

BSc: Department of Chemistry, University of Athens, Greece

PhD: Biochemistry – Brain Energy Metabolism, National Hellenic Research Foundation, Greece, Department of Biology, University of Athens, Greece

Post-Doc: Department of Biological Chemistry, Medical School University of Athens, Greece, University of Tübingen Germany, CMU, University of Geneva, Switzerland, Department of Pathophysiology, Medical School, University of Athens, Greece, USC Los Angeles, USA, Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Faculty position: Investigator D (Lecturer level) Biomedical Research Foundation Academy of Athens

Research Interests: Mitochondrial steroid hormone receptors. Structural and functional characterization. Elucidation of their role in mitochondrial transcription regulation, in mitochondrial dependent apoptosis, and in coordination of nuclear and mitochondrial gene expression. Mechanisms of intracellular trafficking.

Structure and analysis of biomolecules


Analytical Biochemistry

Hormonal Regulation of metabolism