Komiotis Dimitris


Organic Chemistry – Synthesis of Bioactive Molecules

dkom-at-bio.uth.gr | 2410-565285

BSc: Department of Physical Chemistry, Université PARIS VII, France

MSc: Organic Chemistry, University Paris VII, France

D.E.A.: Organic Medicinal Chemistry, Université PARIS VII, France

PhD: Organic Medicinal Chemistry “Synthese chimique et etudede substances cytotoxiques dirigees specifiquement contre lescellules cancereuses. Conjugaison avec des proteines specifiques”. University Paris VII, France

Post-Doc: Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

Research Interests: Synthesis of modified glycosides, nucleosides with biological interest.

Organic Chemistry

Bioorganic Chemistry

Instrumental Chemical Analysis

Advanced Topics in Organic synthesis