Plant Growth Units

The Plant Growth Facility of the Laboratory of Plant and Environmental Biotechnology consists of 3 growth chambers with fully controlled environmental conditions, a separate plant and growth media preparation area and a unit dedicated for the destruction of used biological material.

The three types of growth chambers are described below:

  1. A walk-in room of 75m3, accessed by a corridor that separates it from the rest of the building. The room is fully-insulated, with controlled temperature, moisture and light conditions. Lighting (high pressure sodium, growing and blooming) is adjustable to sustain different needs (max 870Klm), while surfaces are exposed both in horizontal and vertical exposure to light (currently 30 m2 are available). A reverse-phase purified water device and a working space with sink are available in the room. Gnotobiotic systems are grown but different plant species can be accommodated.
  2. A growth chamber (Equitec -1.1 m3) with controlled temperature, moisture and 3-sided lights (36W/840 Radium, max 67Klm), with 4 movable selves of 10 m2 of useable area, max height of 35 cm / level.
  3. A walk-in plastic growth room of 6 m3, with controlled temperature, moisture and light 3-sided (led, Growing and Blooming, 455Klm) with multiple, vertical surfaces (max height 2 m, 20 m2). It is placed in distance from the main lab areas and is used for soil-grown plants and the use of pathogenic systems.


Head: Kalliope Papadopoulou (Professor)