Microscopy Unit

The Microscopy Unit has area surface 9 m2 and comprises several instruments for biological and material imaging and characterization, including: one confocal laser scanning microscope (LSM 800 Zeiss) equipped with 4 laser (404, 488, 561 & 640nm), two PMT detectors and one new technology detector Gallium Arsenide Phosphide PMT (GaAsP-PMT). The confocal is also integrated with the Zeiss Airyscan detector, providing extended resolution of smaller structures below 200 nm.


Head: Anna-Maria Psarra (Associate Professor)

The Unit is also equipped with two fluorescence microscopes (Zeiss and Leica_DM2000), three fluorescence cameras (Zeiss, Leica, Qimaging_OptiMOS), one bright field microscope (Leica), one stereoscope. All instruments are accompanied by the appropriate softwares for image acquisition and analysis.