Macromolecular Crystallography Unit

The Unit of Macromolecular Crystallography of the Laboratory of Structural and Functional Biochemistry is equipped with an X ray generator Microstar Bruker Rotating Anode (8keV/1,541838Å) with mar345dtb Image Plate Detector (marXperts GmbH) for X-ray diffraction data collection at room temperature or at 100 K (nitrogen flow cryocooler OxfordCryosystems). The Unit is also equipped with a crystallization robot for sitting drop screening (Robot OryxNano –Douglas Instruments Ltd), a stereoscope OlympusTL2 and a controlled-temperature incubator for crystal growth at 16 οC. The Unit of Macromolecular Crystallography fulfils all the standards according to safety regulations for use of X ray radiation.


Head: Leonidas Demetres D. (Professor)