Theory of Teaching and Didactics of Biosciences

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Theory: 3 hours/week | Tutorials: 1 hour/week | ECTS Units: 3

Content – Aim of the course

The “Theory of Teaching and Didactics of Biosciences” is addressed to students of the Biochemistry and Biotechnology Department, and covers the fields of Didactic Methodology and Didactic of Biosciences. The course concerns their ability, to teach efficiently all lessons that are relevant to their particular speciality, both in the public and in the private education sector and also in vocational education and training bodies.
More specifically, the course place emphasis on the following:

  1. Epistemological and didactic foundations of bioscientific subjects
  2. Planning of teaching
  3. Optional student’s practice through micro-teaching under simulative conditions or/and in real school classrooms.

Analytical Description of the Course

  • Biosciences as a school subject
  • Teaching of biosciences and levels of cognitive development and scientific thought
  • Requirements of contemporary teaching of Biosciences
  • Contemporary didactic streams and parameters of effective teaching
  • Teaching methodological approaches and basic didactic principles
  • Teaching forms of bioscientific subjects
  • Inquiring teaching methods of bioscientific subjects
  • Organising and planning a lesson
  • Activities and teaching aids in teaching biosciences
  • Cross curricular thematic approaches and “project-method”
  • Curricula and didactic methodology
  • Educational means
  • Εvaluation of the teaching of bioscientific subjects

Performing of micro-teaching by students


Performance in the course is assessed by: 1. Presentation of a bibliographic work on a selected topic 2. “Microteaching” 3. Written examination

Reading Suggestions

  • Βιβλίο [77111589]: Εισαγωγή στην ψυχολογία, Schacter D, Gilbert D, Wegner D, Nock M
  • Βιβλίο [68379830]: Εκπαιδευτική ψυχολογία, Eggen Paul, Kauchak Don
  • Βιβλίο [68407012]: Παιδαγωγική Ψυχολογία, Elke Wild, Jens Möller (Hrsg.)
  • Βιβλίο [16647]: Διδακτική Μεθοδολογία – Διδακτικά Μοντέλα, Joyce Br., Weil M., Calhoun Em.
  • Βιβλίο [32999100]: Μάθηση και διδασκαλία, Κασσωτάκης Μιχάλης, Φλουρής Γιώργος

Teaching Material / E-class


Vasileios E. Pantazis (Course Coordinator)