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Theory: 3 hours/week | ECTS Units: 6

Content – Aim of the course

This is a general course intended to introduce students to the major topics and concepts of Plant Physiology. The course is split into three sections covering Plant Biochemistry and Metabolism, Water,Minerals and Solute Transport, and Plant Growth and Development.

Analytical Description of the Course

  • Introduction- Synopsis of plant cell structure and function
  • Plant and Water: Water uptake, transport, respiration, water potential, water balance-Mineral nutrients (uptake, transport -mechanisms and transport systems-, nitrogen assimilation, biological nitrogen fixation, sulphur assimilation
  • Metabolism: Photosynthesis (photosystems, pigments, photonabsorption, “lightreactions”, electrontransport, photophosporylation, photoinhibition, CO2 assimilation, regulation, pigment biosynthesis, physiological and ecological aspects),-Photorespiration,-C4-/ CAM metabolism,-Starch and sucrose (biosynthesis, transport, utilization, regulation),-Respiration(glycolysis, citric acid cycle, pentose phosphate pathway, phosporylation, anaerobic respiration, regulation, environmental factors),- Lipids metabolism and role,- Secondary metabolism (biosynthesis, role)-Aminoacidbiosynthesis
  • Translocation of the phloem
  • Hormones and growth promoting factors (biosynthesis, catabolism, transport, physiological role, mode of action)
  • Photomorphogenesis, phytochromes, Tropisms, Circadian rythms
  • Biotic stress
  • Αbiotic stress


Exams will be on the material covered in lectures, as well as readings, assignments and in-class discussions. They will exist of a mix of question types: short answers, problem solving, short essays, and multiple-choice.
The final evaluation will be determined from the following components:

  • Two midterm exams
  • Final exam
  • Miscellaneous lecture assignments

Reading Suggestions

  • Plant Physiology, Taiz L., Zeiger E., Sinauer Associates Inc., ΤΡΑΝSLATED IN GREEKI, UTOPIA 2012
  • Plant Physiology, RoubelakisΚ.Α. (ed.), Crete University Press, 2003
  • Plant Physiology,Τsekos Ι.Β., Κyriakides, 2004
  • Ιntroduction to Plant Physiology, Hopkins W.G., Huner N.P.A., Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2004
  • Handbook of Plant Ecophysiology Techniques, Reigosa Roger M.J., Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001.

Teaching Material / E-class


Kalliope Papadopoulou (Course Coordinator)

Daniela Tsikou