Introductory informatics

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Theory: 3 hours/week | Practicals: 2 hours/week | ECTS Units: 5

Content – Aim of the course

During the three hours/week lectures and the two hours/week laboratory work of the course the students become familiar with the way computers work, the basic principles of programming and practice on computer applications necessary for a Bioscientist.

Analytical Description of the Course

  • The basic components of a computer (CPU, memories, I/O devices)
  • Arithmetic systems and data storage
  • Boolean algebra and implementations in database search/retrieval
  • Introduction to the Ubuntu – Linux operating system
  • Linux commands (i): File and directory manipulation
  • Linux commands (ii): File and directory manipulation
  • Linux commands (iii): motif search with grep and regular expressions
  • Introduction to Awk (i): Language structure, if, loops
  • Introduction to Awk (ii): Variables, mathematical functions, string manipulation.
  • Introduction to Awk (iii): Arrays
  • Examples of using linux and awk to manipulate bio-molecular data.
  • Introduction to open Office (i)


  • The Ubuntu-Linux operating system
  • Linux commands (i)
  • Linux commands (ii)
  • Programing in Awk
  • Open Office: Word – Excel – Powerpoint (i)
  • Open Office: Word – Excel – Powerpoint (ii)


Grades are determined by the results in the final examination.

Reading Suggestions

  • Aρχές Λειτουργίας και Προγραμματισμού Ηλεκτρονικών Υπολογιστών, Γιώργος Γιαγλής, Εκδόσεις Οικονομικού Πανεπιστημίου Αθηνών, 2012. ISBN: 978-960-9443-09-08.
  • Powerpoint slides of the lecturer

Teaching Material / E-class


Grigorios Αmoutzias (Course Coordinator)

Vasileios E. Pantazis